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Mikael Shields founder and CEO of Acamar Films talks to us about Bings expansion into foreign territories and why it translates so well.

October 23 Conference

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Mikael Shields - CEO

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Q - Bing is loved by children and families all around the world, do you feel it has become an evergreen IP??

Q - Bing is one of the top pre-school IP's in the UK and you have a dedicated L&M team to compliment the content side with the merchandise side. Did you factor L&M plans in at the start of the IP's life cycle?

Q - Character and story is king / queen in preschool - Bing has both of those - How long was the development process in getting it right from the start?

Q - Commissioners always go on about 'getting it 'right' in your home market first', did you follow their advice before expanding the brand into foreign territories?

Q - How many territories is Bing now in?

Q - We talked at the conference in 23 about studios diversifying their portfolios, you have focused on one IP which has worked for Acamar Films, are there plans for spin-offs for Bing, or new IP's?

Thank you Mikael - if you want to know more about Bing you can visit Acamar's website -


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Every animator wants to inspire devotion in their audiences and to create characters that have a lasting impact.  To make that little short that grows and grows to become a series, a movie, a theatre show, a toy range and a treasured memory that transcends generations - Richard Hollis

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