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We talk anime and manga with Max Arguile owner of Reemsborko licensing agency and why he feels it is massively underserved in the UK.

October 23 Conference

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Max Arguile - Managing Director

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Q - Hi Max - Your company 'Reemsborko' has a very distinctive company name. Does it have a meaning to it and does it translate well into Japanese which is where most of your clients are based?

Q - You solely focus on the anime and manga sectors in animation for consumer products, you shared with us some figures on sales for these genres with us at Get Animated 23. Could you elaborate on the financial and viewer size of these sectors in the UK? - how big is it really in the UK?

Q - Comic conventions around the world are heaving with lovely geeks, I predict everyone reading this article goes or has been to a convention. Fan loyalty is important, does that help with the IP merchandise sales side?

Q - Do you think the UK should be doing more UK created content of this style as we aren't seeing too much being commissioned from the BBC, ITV, Channel4 etc. Do you think it is on their radar and should studio owners and producers start to do more content like this in the UK and pitch to our cherished broadcasters and not just Netflix and Crunchy Roll?

Q - On Japanese animation - a lot of it is co-produced in France. Does France and Belgium treat manga content in higher regard than us in the UK because they have all grown up with comics, and that comics in France, Italy, Belgium are regarded as a 'high' brow pieces of literature whereas not so much in the UK i.e. animation is just for kids attitude.

Q - You are one of the few people in the UK merchandise industry that does licensing deals for Manga and Anime - would  you be willing to come back in May 24 to Get Animated and share some more insights with the audience?

If you want to get in touch with Max before May 24 conference you can do so at


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